A note from the organizer

Thank you for your interest in Hidden Adventure Travel Co's First Annual She Served Too Retreat. We know that being a Woman Veteran or Service Member, we often are thanked for our spouse's service and rarely thanked for ours. We also know that sometimes going to the VFW just to have a drink and talk with other Veterans doesn't work for us, because the men sometimes push us away. They don't process and understand the things we went through the way we do. That's why we created this retreat. 

We want Women Veterans and Active Duty Members to understand they are important and they are appreciated for their service. We also want to provide some time for networking and meeting new sisters. The owner of Hidden Adventures Travel Co is an Army Combat Veteran so she understands this lack of camaraderie all too well. 

Since this is our first one, we opted for a 5-day cruise. We plan to have someone that will be onboard to lead sessions in mental health. These sessions will not be your run of the mill mental health sessions. There will be tools that will  help bring you back home. We will go over mindfulness meditation exercises, have a yoga class, and a chance to just sit and talk with one another. There will be time for you to enjoy the activities on the ship and in the ports.

This is something we are truly passionate about. We hope to make these annual and maybe more often as time goes on.

Cruise at a Glance

Join us for our first annual Women Veterans Retreat January 30 through February 4, 2023. We will be sailing for 5 days aboard the beautiful Carnival Sunshine. 

We will have time for networking and a mental health workshop or two. 

Most of all, this is a chance for you to meet and enjoy the camaraderie of other Women Veterans!

Carnival Sunshine

Everything the sunlight touches on Carnival Sunshine has been doused with an extra dose of fun, and there's plenty atop this ship, where you can spend your days being kissed by the warm rays of the sun. There's the biggest Serenity area ever, featuring three decks, plenty of recliners, and even a waterfall.


If you have any questions, please email us HERE